Adam Nathaniel Furman on making waves

29.05.19. Designer’s flat, London

Adam Nathaniel Furman is an artist and designer based in London. His work has been exhibited in Paris, New York, Milan, Rome, Eindhoven, Minneapolis, Portland, Kortrijk, Tel Aviv, Veszprem, Mumbai, Vienna and Glasgow as well as his home city, and is held in the collections of the Design Museum, Sir John Soane’s Museum, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Abet Museum, and the Architectural Association.

He has also played a fundamental role in the recent re-appraisal of post-modernist architecture and has become an advocate of the need for colour in our built environment. Importantly too, over the years he has built a huge following on social media through his witty, trenchant and occasionally downright controversial posts.

This episode took the ‘critics’ slot’ in series two and covered issues such as: the Notre Dame blaze and the importance of heritage; queer aesthetics in architecture; reviving post-modernism’s reputation; the problem with unpaid internships... and his profound love of Nando’s.

To describe it as wide-ranging would not be doing it justice.

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The Royal Family collection of furniture for the Camp Design Gallery in Milan. Image: Federico Floriani. Above portrait: Gareth Gardner.

Interior of the Nagatacho apartment in Tokyo. Image: Jan Vranovsky.

New Town is a collection of tiles for Botteganove. All images courtesy of the designer.