Bethan Laura Wood on laminate

13.11.19. Designer’s studio, London

Bethan Laura Wood is a London-based designer, who creates pieces for industry and the collectible market. In this episode she talks about her love for the material that made her name nearly a decade ago – laminate.

A wide-ranging (and occasionally hugely intimate) discussion touches on the Royal College of Art graduate’s fascination with turning the ubiquitous into the precious, as well as focusing on her love of colour.

However, she also tells me about her childhood and growing up a little bit different in Shrewsbury; how being teased at school encouraged a sense of style that she has described as ‘Buckaroo meets Russian dolls’; and why her dyslexia may have encouraged a fascination with pattern.

It’s a fascinatingly personal story from a genuinely unique design talent.

Find out more about Bethan Laura Wood 

Particle is a range of furniture designed during Wood’s residency at London’s Design Museum in 2009. She used a faux timber laminate on the surface.

Hot Rock uses a marquetry technique to celebrate the different qualities of standard laminates. 

Super Fake – rugs is inspired by the collision of the man-made with nature. All images courtesy of the designer.