Eleanor Lakelin on timber

22.01.19. Maker’s studio, London

Eleanor Lakelin appeared on in the first series of Material Matters and is one of the UK’s leading woodturners, making an array of vessels since 2011. As she explains: ‘I’m fascinated by wood as a living, breathing substance with its own history of growth and struggle centuries beyond our own. I’m particularly inspired by the organic mayhem and creative possibilities of burred wood. This proliferation of cells, formed over decades or even centuries as a reaction to stress or as a healing mechanism is a rare, mysterious and beautiful act of nature.’

During our chat Eleanor tells me about her childhood growing up in North Wales; why she initially decided to take up teaching; her early career as a furniture maker; and how a visit to the Collect fair changed her life.

Most importantly though we talked timber and her fascination with the material. Oddly we also managed to touch on dentistry too.

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Voided Vessels are made from horse chestnut burr. Image: Jeremy Johns.

Echoes of Amphora was also created from horse chestnut burr. Image: Mette Bentzen.

Another from the Echoes of Amphora series. Image: Ester Segarra.

The Ferrous series is made from sequoia. Image: Michael Harvey.