Junko Mori on metal

05.03.20. Maker’s studio, Wales

Junko Mori is one of the world’s leading metal artists, who has work in the collections of The Goldsmiths’ Company, The British Museum and numerous others. The Japanese-born blacksmith is renowned for her extraordinary work in mild steel or silver that aggregates hundreds of individually forged elements to create pieces that are often inspired by nature in general and cell division in particular. As she has said: ‘The uncontrollable beauty is the core of my concept.’

We talk about growing up in her native Japan; how she ended up fixing boilers in Tokyo for a living; why she decided to move to the UK in the 1990s; the fundamental differences between the two cultures she has lived in; and how she learned English by going to the local pub.

Most importantly we talk about metal and the meditative qualities of forging – it’s a bit like jogging only better, apparently.

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Propagation Project; Ring of Small Petals, 2014, is made of forged mild steel, wax-coated. 

A detail of the Propagation Project; Ring of Small Petals, 2014, made of forged mild steel, wax-coated.

Uncontrollable Beauty Dahlia Rose, 2016, is made from forged fine silver.

Silver Organism; Swirl, 2019, forged fine silver. All images courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London.