Kate MccGwire on feathers

18.09.19. Maker’s studio, London

Kate MccGwire is an award-winning sculptor whose installations have been shown around the world, including Harewood House in Yorkshire, The Harley Gallery at Welbeck, Messums Wiltshire, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida and Galerie Haas AG in Zürich.

In 2018 she won The Royal Academy of Arts, Jack Goldhill Award for Sculpture.

In this episode the Royal College of Art graduate talks about her fascination with feathers. Not only that but during the interview we also unpick her profound interest in mythology, water and the human body, discovering how they have become threads through her sometimes dark but always extraordinary pieces.

During a remarkably frank interview the artist discusses how she only realised she was dyslexic in her late-thirties; what it was like growing up in Norfolk; her decision to drop out of interior design and become a fine artist; her close relationship with the pigeon keepers that provide her raw material; and why her pieces have nothing to do with taxidermy…

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Viscera, 2018, was created from mixed media with pheasant feathers in an antique cabinet.

A detail from Sasse/Sluice made from mixed media with pigeon feathers in 2018. Image: Jo Scott.