Malene Hartmann Rasmussen on film, fairytales and clay

26.02.20. Maker’s studio, London

It’s safe to say that ceramist Malene Hartmann Rasmussen is a one-off. I vividly remember first seeing one of her pieces in 2011.

If I Had a Heart I Could Love You was tucked away in a corner of an exhibition. At its centre was a wood burning stove but instead of logs there were clay hearts sizzling in the fire. Phallic wooden stumps grew out of the walls, while on the floor a pair of ceramic snakes appeared to be taking a distinctly Machiavellian interest in a nearby squirrel. It was obviously profoundly influenced by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm but also contained more than a hint of Pop Art as well as a dash of David Lynch’s seminal Twin Peaks.

In this conversation we talk about how growing up in provincial Denmark, with a family that had more than its fair share of issues, affected her work; her love of traditional Nordic fairytales and trolls; a life-long fascination with film; and why her dog Django features so prominently in her work. Primarily though was focus on her love of clay and how the material has changed her life.

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The Egg Hunter was part of the artist’s Fantasma [Ghost] installation in 2019.

Golden Goat is another from Fantasma [Ghost]

As is Violet Sleep. The show was originally shown in Beyond the Vessel at Meşher Istanbul. All images: Sylvain Deleu.