Mourne Textiles’ Mario Sierra on weaving

13.05.19. On the hop, London

Mourne Textiles is a rather brilliant hand-woven textile company based in Northern Ireland. It was founded by Gerd Hay-Edie after the Second World War and quickly went on to create pieces for the likes of Robin Day, Terence Conran, Liberty of London and fashion designer Sybil Connolly, becoming a staple of British modernism.

After some difficult years, it has re-emerged from the doldrums and appears to be in fine fettle under the aegis of Gerd’s grandson Mario Sierra.

In this episode Mario discusses how he grew up surrounded by hand-weaving in Northern Ireland; living through The Troubles; the legacy of his extraordinary grandmother; the joy of lumpy yarn; and how his family firm has re-emerged with the help of companies like fashion designer Margaret Howell and furniture manufacturer Pinch. Oh, and we have a quick natter about Brexit as well but don’t let that put you off.

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A selection of finished textiles.  

Under the aegis of Gerd Hay-Edie, Mourne Textiles was a vital part of British modernism.

After several years in the doldrums, the company has been revived by Mario Sierra.

The company makes a variety of cushions. All images courtesy of the maker.