Peter Layton on glass

22.01.19. Maker’s studio, London

Peter Layton is one of the pioneers of the British studio glass movement.

During our interview, Peter recounts an extraordinary life that has included fleeing Eastern Europe from the Nazis and settling as an immigrant in Bradford; studying ceramics under the likes of Ruth Duckworth (and not Dickinson as your tongue-tied host accidentally said) at the Central School of Art and Design; meeting the wildly influential glass artist Harvey Littleton while he was teaching in the US; and burning himself badly the first time he ever tried to work with the material.

Naturally enough he discusses his love of glass but, perhaps as importantly, how he has managed to keep his workshop and gallery London Glassblowing – employing 10 other makers – going successfully in the heart of a city intent on gentrification. It’s really quite inspiring.

Incidentally, did you know that Peter’s son, Bart, wrote and directed the absolutely brilliant heist movie American Animals, released in 2018? They are one of those annoyingly talented families, evidently.

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Green Paradiso, which was partly inspired by the paintings of Hockney and Hodgkin.

Waves took its cues from Hokusai. 

Blue Rain is part of Layton’s Pyramids series.

The Prairie Group. All images are courtesy of London Glassblowing.