Peter Ting on Blanc de Chine

11.09.19. Designer’s apartment, London

Peter Ting is a ceramic designer, art director and the co-founder of gallery Ting-Ying. In this episode he talks about his life-long relationship with Blanc de Chine, to coincide with a new installation on the material that opened at London’s V&A Museum in 2019.

And it transpires he has quite a bit more to say, too.

We discuss growing up in Hong Kong and moving to an English public school at the age of 16; how he discovered clay in the first instance; and why he decided to work in Stoke-on-Trent. Not only that but he explains the craft behind manufacturing and how you can ‘hear’ if a factory is working efficiently.

Arguably most importantly, he discusses identity and an epiphany he had at a crossroads in Shanghai that led him to re-discover his Chinese heritage. Also, did you know that his father used to be Bruce Lee’s dentist? Thought not. 

Find out more about Peter Ting

Three-row Buddha Hands was designed by Peter Ting and is sold through Ting-Ying. 

He also designed a range of extraordinary Flower Bowls with Zha Cai Duan, an accomplished flower maker in Dehua.

A detail of a flower made from Blanc de Chine. All images courtesy of Ting-Ying.