Sebastian Cox on food and furniture

11.10.19. Designer’s studio, London

Sebastian Cox is a young London-based furniture designer, who founded and co-directs his eponymous company. He is renowned for his use of traditionally coppiced hazel.

In this episode he talks about his ambitious new manifesto, Modern Life from Wilder Land, that sets out a more sustainable future for food production in the UK.

We chat about how we need to radically shift the way we use land; reducing our reliance on meat; how our woodlands need to be more effectively managed; and why design is a political act. Oh and we also discuss his issues with sheep and going to the gym.

Not only that but we also unpick his relationship with timber; the importance of coppicing to his practice; the pressure of making a bespoke desk for a certain Sir Terence Conran; his more recent experiments with mycelium; and his love of Northern Soul.

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Best known for his work in coppiced timber, recently Sebastian Cox has been experimenting with mycelium in collabortion with Ninela Ivanova.

The pair initially started with lamp shades before branching out into furniture. Images: Petr Krejci.

This is the Bayleaf Desk made from English walnut. All images courtesy of the designer.